Friday, July 31, 2009

Zestos, Inc. Gathering


 Discover the joy & excitement, as we join forces,

sharing a taste of the Lord's goodness with those in need

Bring a canned good, bring a friend or bring BOTH!

WHO?:  Everyone is welcome!  Childcare provided

We have a seat and a niche reserved for you!

WHAT?:  Music, Information, Q & A, Fellowship

WHEN?:  Sunday, August 9th at 6:30pm 

WHERE?:  Alton Reformed Church 


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Ripple Effect

Some exciting news around Zestos, Inc. lately. We've really been able to see how God has brought people together, made their paths cross-- in unexpected ways. 

We've talked to people who've read the article or heard about Zestos from friends and we are able to share a bit about who we are... but more than that, we're excited to tell them stories about what God is doing. 

A few weeks ago, after telling a friend, Amanda, about Zestos, I (Mary) started to pray that people who needed us would be right in front of our faces. 

The next day Amanda shared with me about on her nightly walk, how she bumped into an neighbor, Sherrie, who after a long conversation confessed that she had to choose between electricity and groceries. 

Amanda and I really wanted to help Sherrie, so Zestos packed up some muffins with Amanda as an ambassador. In the last few weeks, Amanda has really been able to show Christ to Sherrie, just by being her amazing self. 

This Monday, Amanda took Sherrie to get her hair cut, at Salon Centra (a supporting merchant!), Sherrie had so much hair to cut that it could be donated to locks of love. 

You could see the weight literally lifted off of Sherrie's shoulders. She was able to feel more confidant about her self and help someone else in the process. Amanda was helping Sherrie, patronizing a Zestos Merchant and Sherrie's hair went to make a wig for a cancer patient. 

God's love just keeps on moving, far beyond where we think it can go.

If we take the time to look for God in the everyday, we see him every where. 

Thank you Amanda for sharing your story with me and for sharing you're life with Sherrie!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

News and Events!

Hello friends! 

We have some exciting Zestos News. Last Thursday we were able to disperse a ton, that's right-- 2,000 lbs. of food donated by Advance Brands

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the article about Zestos, Inc in this week's N'West Iowa REVIEW. 

Upcoming Event

We are having a prayer and direction meeting this Thursday night, July 30 at 6:30 p.m. at Alton Reformed Church.

Please come enjoy fellowship and bring along canned/non-perishable food items for family food baskets. 

Supporting Merchants

Fred’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Hopsers, IA 

Area Service Inc. 
Ed Grotenhuis
Alton, IA

Salon Centra
Alton, IA

Napa Auto Parts
Diamond Auto Parts
Orange City, IA

Hospers Furniture 
Hospers, IA 

Main Street Bikes and Trikes
Granville, IA

Make sure you tell these Supporting Merchants that you heard about them from Zestos, Inc. 

We want to support them for supporting us. 

If we all do a little, a lot can be accomplished!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Want You To Be A Piece Of The Pie

Zestos invitation by you.

Tonight was the first ever Piece of the Pie meeting for Zestos. This was a kick off of sorts, a way to tell a group of our friend what we've been up to for the last few months and explain the mission and vision of Zestos, Inc.

One of our sponsering merchants, Ed, sings in a Gospel Quartet and they offered to sing a medley of hymns to open the meeting. It was a real joy to have Ed, Charlene, Ray, Mary accompanied by Joyce (also a Sponsoring Merchant!) set the tone for the whole evening.

Zestos Inc kick off by you.

Rod shared with the group about his life-journey and how God set about forming Zestos years ago. He explained the functions of Zestos and how everyone can be involved.

Zestos Inc kick off by you.

We sang some wonderful songs, lead by Joyce and ended the night with pie-- what else could we have at Piece of the Pie night? 

Zestos Inc kick off by you.

Thanks to our crew of volunteer pie servers (eaters?), Alton Reformed Church and to the custodians who set up for the event. 

Zestos Inc kick off by you.

If you would like some more information you can send your contact information to If you want us to send you updates via our newsletter, you can send an email to subject line "Email List."