Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We all have them, they can be tangible, especially in this season. A surplus of tomatoes and zucchini, surplus of clothes, a surplus of work and todo lists. Things that go above and beyond what we need, or maybe even want. Surplus is what we thrive on.

Zestos has been thinking about, looking for then distributing surplus since it’s inception last march.

9,000 pounds of food surplus. Closet-purging surplus. Time and talent surplus.

And on Saturday Night we received a surplus of a different kind. Potato Salad.

Among other things, we were donated the surplus food from a wedding, so we boxed up loaves of bread, and gallons of potato salad in to family size portions. Then we loaded up the van with a cooler and our huge smiles, and set out to surprise our network of families and local services with an unexpected dinner.

Every family we stopped at, told us about another family, who’d they would share their portion with. See how the ripple effect, keeps going. Serving one, serves many.